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A State-Of-The-Art painting system, realized under licence of Pierangelo Ghilardi’s patents, that drastically reduces, and in some case fully eliminates, pollution emissions into the atmosphere. Find out more about SAICOZERO ZONE


SAICOZERO ZONE has changed the traditional bodyshop. This system works as a regular prep station and spray booth, but can also be configured as a single processing area to prepare, paint and dry vehicles. Learn More


SAICOZERO ZONE is available in 2 structural configurations: with walls and doors (pressurized cabin version), with curtains (open area version). No need for additional ceiling supports with either configuration. See Configurations


Consumption comparison between SAICOZERO ZONE and a traditional system. The traditional system was composed of one last generation spray booth (30.000 m3/h, direct flame, gas heated) and two prep stations. Review Results

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